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Dog training

  • * Maternal class theoretical for master (without puppies)
  • * Learning class for puppies
  • * Basic learning class (with leash)
  • * Advanced learning class (without leash)
  • * Class for behavioral problems
  • * Improvement class



  • * Assisted Animal Activity (AAA)
  • * Assisted Animal Therapy (AAT)


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Dog Training - Zootherapy

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Like many children who are asked : « What do you want to do later ? », I answered : « veterinarian ».  Life took me on another road, childhood educator, for 25 years.  Without ever forgetting my childhood dream, I often thought about working with animals.  In 2009, I made the leap.  Since February 2010, I am a canine educator.

I gave myself as my mission, at the opening of my company Entre maîtres & chiens in March 2010, to ensure that there is a harmony between animals and humans.  I have always wanted to take care of children, starting with guarding them as a babysitter, a camp monitor during my studies and then an childhood educator, graduating in July 1990.  My need for to be in a helping relationship as well as my love of animals can't be completely dissociated.  That's why I went back to school and am now a zootherapy specialist.



Trained at école du chien from Varennes by Mr. Jacques Galipeau.  Since then, I have participated in ongoing training at the AZCA Animal Behavior Training Institute and with De Main De Maître, Education and Canine Behavior, and I do several readings to update my knowledge on new methods of training, education and canine interventions.

Graduate of a Certificate of Collegial Study in the program of intervention strategies in zootherapy since August 2015.  My customer base is very wide, from the child to the elderly person.  I attend the international zootherapy congress and I'm a member of the Quebec zootherapists' association, which obliges me to do a continuous training every year.


In dog training

In my childhood, we have always owned dogs and cats.  As a teenager, I took an obedience class with my royal poodle, Venus.  I also had another dog, Mirka, for 13 years, which I trained myself.  From experience, many dogs that I met and haven't been trained are unfortunately returned to the pound.

My training lasts 600 hours, 300 theoretical hours and 300 practical hours.  I had the opportunity to put into practice the theory learned from customers.  I have worked with different dog breeds, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, and with different characters, aggressive, timid and hyperactive.

Since my beginnings in the canine field, I taught the owners to understand the dog language, because often the problems are related to a bad communication.  Using training methods with positive reinforcement, I had the pleasure of seeing the change in dog's attitude and the happiness of the owners.


In zootherapy

Since 2015 I have been doing « Animal Assisted Activity » (AAA) in CHSLDs and residences for the elderly.  I also give activity workshops in zootherapy and workshops for the prevention of canine aggressions for children.



For dog training

Save the maximum of dogs.  Even today, too many dogs are abandoned by owners who are discouraged from coping with their mate's behavior.  That's why I teach teachers, to share my knowledge and allow them to train their dogs to behave properly.

Prevention is important.  I want to inform future dog owners and those who are already to know their pet.  Kindergarten and puppy lessons are another chance to start the dog's life and avoid problems.

My biggest wish is that most dogs stay in their families until the end of their days ...


For zootherapy

Bring to the people in need my help to improve their quality of life with the help of my animal partners.  The presence of the animal facilitates learning and helps to create a contact between the zootherapy worker and the person in need.  To bring pleasure in the life of the person, to break the isolation.  Establish a relationship with the animal in respect of the animal and that of the person in need.